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We have big capacity for  cut-to-size  different lengths  for  RHS , SHS FLAT BAR AND ROUND HOLLOW BAR in Straight and Mitre cutting .  our own  DOALL Automatic bandsaws  having wide capacity to cut upto 350 diameter and square bundle  cutting upto 12 meter lengths.
Our Straight cutting range for flat  and square bar Minimum cutting length is 5mm to 2500mm long pieces   Round bar dia 10mm to 350mm and cut minimum 5mm to 2500mm long pieces RHS and SHS  bundle cutting  250×250 square size of bundle minimum 5mm to 2500mm
WE have CNC MEP AUTOMATIC BAND SAW CUTTING machine  cut various  lengths up to 45 deg, left and 60 deg. Right Flat bar , round bar, RHS tubes upto 250 mm dia . and 2500 length.


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